Bill Scott

After WOTW Bill continued to play with various artists and went on a world tour with Lonnie Donegan. Bill now lives in Australia and runs his own mini bus hire company.

Jake Scott

After WOTW he went on two tours with Johnny Wakelin (on song 'in zaire') mixing sound. He then played in a function band for 10 years and is still writing songs today.

Willy Finlayson

Since WOTW Willy has gigged almost constantly and is based in London. Willys' voice was often heard in TV adverts over a tten to fifteen year period.

Robt. 'Smiggy' Smith

has been living in the US forthe past twenty to thirty years. He has done a lot of playing and engineering in the recording studios and worked with the Grateful Dead.

'Limmie' Paterson

Left WOTW to go to Canada with Smiggy abut eventually came back and joined Beggars Opera. Limmie was told after various tests in hospital that he had contracted a lung disease which had been lying dormant for 25 years.

Jimmy Hush visited Limmie at his home some years had passed since they last met. "There were two special nights put on for him one shortly before he died and the other after. Every musician you could think of was there and many of Limmies other friends....Miss you a lot old friend"

Jimmy Hush

After WOTW, Jimmy stayed in London for 18 months at that point he had no drums (stolen one night) and all he had was his joiners tool box and three blackbags with his clothes. Stan Webb of Chicken Shack gave Jimmy a small room for a short while to help get back on his feet.

Jimmy carried out work for Sam Wannamaker, the father of actress Zoe Wannamaker, Jimmy worked on their house for six months. On his departure back to Edinburgh Sams wife presented Jimmy with a case of wine and new power drill with tears in her eyes.

Back home Jimmy worked for himself for twenty years and now works for Edinburgh City Council. His two sons play guitar and bass and encourged Jimmy back into music. Jimmy has written and recorded several new songs some of which you can hear on this website. "It's always been in the blood!"